About Tomco

Tomco Mechanical Corporation has been one of the leading Refrigeration /HVAC Corporations in the New York Metro Area for over 30 years. Within the construction and supermarket industry we have established a diverse client base including: Stop & Shop Supermarkets, Wal-mart, Waldbaum’s Inc., The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Inc, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and independent supermarkets and distributors.

Tomco Mechanical Corporation works closely with the engineers, construction management companies, or owners, and completes it’s installation projects on time and in budget regardless how small or large the project.

We have over 25 knowledgeable, experienced and EPA-certified  Union service mechanics that specialize in the commercial cooling equipment essential to the efficient and profitable operation of your business, long after it has been installed.

Tomco is a member of the Mechanical Contractors Association of America, the Mechanical Contractors Association of New York  and Mechanical Service Contractors of America.



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